Tecton’s R&D department hosts a prime selection of qualified engineers and designers. Through our determination towards quality development and results, we have help worldwide customers develop their campaign over 10 years.
As one team, we are committed to bringing you new products that excel in the market. Designs begin with your ideas and inputs, from which we identify your needs and apply our manufacturing knowledge to produce a responsive solution.

Our Facility and Equipment Ensure Both Form and Function

Our approach to developing inovative kitchen appliance comes from decade of industry experience and customer’s specific demands. In making our prototypes, we take note of every detail possible, from the size and shape to the costs and time spent for production.
Afterward, we begin crafting a mold or develop the software program based on the final design that shows the precise form of our air fryer and electric cooker, and guarantees their functionality when we begin manufacturing parts.
1. Industrial Design
2. Fast Apperance & Structure Prototype
3. Open New Mould
4. T0 , T1, MP Standard R&D Process Management

Our 7-Day Approach Helping You Stay Ahead of the Game

1. Turn your idea into sketch in 1 day

Our easier experts are honest and direct to the point with our advice so that we can make all of your air oven and cooker requirement for your benefit.
Engineering & Quoting
Being transparent in our work, we provide standard pricing in detail and explain how we will engineer our system from the final design.

2. Prototyping in 7 days

Prototyping & Approving
Using 3D technology, we provide a 3D drawing that will be made into a sample for your inspection to see if we have fulfilled your specifications.
Modifying & Finalizing
Our R&D department works with you to test and modify our prototypes so that they fit your requirements and are ready for mass production.

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