AQL Inspection As Guidelines

Tecton has passed ISO9001,SGS certification and applied the AQL inspection principles as our guidelines in our daily quality control processes.
Besides we are approved by international factory audit, our products have passed CE,CB,CCC,ETL,PSE etc product certificate and FDA,LFGB,REACH,ROHS raw material certificate.
From raw material inspection to semi-products inspection, from food contact material or PCB board to finished products testing, we trust the power of standardized process.

Quality Management System

From Every Part of Air Fryer…

As professional kitchen appliance factory,we firstly care about the quality of air fryer and air oven quality. That’s why we focus on every detail of every component that makes up a perfect product.

Finish Product Inspection

Quality testing is conducted following established international guidelines, ensuring our air fryer & over product reaches your target audience wherever they are.

Appearance Inpsection

In every production line, we set 3 key inspection place, which is apperance inspection, function inspection and electrical inspection.

Performance Inspection

We also partner with third-party inspection facilities to continuously improve our standards and produce better kitchen appliance for your brand and your customers.

Sample Tests:

Making Sure Quality of Mass Production

The sample acts as the bridge between quality components and quality mass production. Here in Tecton, our unique approach is to test the sample again and again under the most severe condition so that all the components are working to ensure the performance.
Once the sample stand the tests, the QC team is responsible for recording its spec and providing BOM sheet and CDF table for the mass production procedure.

1.Package Drop&Vibration Test

To ensure our bulk order is in line with your requirement, we conduct different test to make sure goods look good, decrease the return rate because of imperfect apperance
1.Packge Drop Test
2.Transportation Vibration Test
3.Weight Burden Test

2.Aging Test

Tecton Air Fryer and Cookers have survived the tests stimulating the harshest conditions so you can rest assured that they performance perfect.
1.Routine Aging Test
2.Salt Spray Test
3.Plateau Environment Simulation Test
4.Internal construction Check

3.Electrical & Electric Inspection 

Qualify electrical parameter makes the air fryer and oven perform and make sure the safety of end users, Tecton pay special attention to the inspection process and regulate every operation of the QA.
It is Tecton ’s revolution that each operation is subject to both method and standard. In all the details, we weed out the unqualified air fryer oven to make sure what you received is flawless.
1.Withstand Voltage Test
2.Safety Gauge Comprehensive Test
3.Grounding Resistance Test
4.Temperature Rise Test

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